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Updates and Goals

Last week I took some time off and did very little writing
and what I did write may never see the light of day. For the most part it was
from prompts from a dear friend’s blog and kept the writing juices flowing. As
a result I am a little slow in getting together my goals for the upcoming year.
Here they are for your perusal and hopefully you will hold me accountable over
the course of the year and make sure I am sticking to them.

So first for the updates as they are a little easier to list
although I discovered this morning with the first post that my updates also
filled the requirements for a goal so they for the most part became one and the
same, with a few goals thrown in for good measure. I’ll start with the easy,
not so obvious ones and build up to the ones that I’m sure are burning a hole
in our collective desire to see what is happening with them.

Update #1 – Women of the Bible: A Study: Based on a little
research I did since this morning I am almost happy that my first post got lost
in cyberspace. Let me explain: Late 2010 my publisher sends me a note that they
will no longer be publishing my book due to lack of sales. They only sold one.
Disappointed I went to the sites that carried the e-book and took the
publisher’s name off the listing. Fortunately Amazon’s Create Space allowed me
to leave the listing and sell it on their site. So the e-book is still
available on Amazon. My plans are to publish it in a paperback format later in
2011. Anyway now for the research part that happened today. I was nosing around
on Amazon checking out my author page and discovered that someone had written a
review for the e book and it was a positive review. That convinced me that I
definitely need to see about getting it in paperback format sometime this year.

Update # 2 – Myrria’s Legacy: I haven’t looked at this book
for a while. My plan is when a little free time pops up doing some more editing
and revising with the hope of getting the book to a copy editor and then
submitting it. I’m sure Myrria will have something to say about it sooner or

Update # 3 – Aaron’s Revenge: This book is still available
for sale. I gave several away for Christmas presents to family and friends in
Pennsylvania and Vermont as well as a couple of small bookstores. The book is
beginning to travel. Maybe some random publisher or agent will read it and pick
it up. Meanwhile I will continue to work on my other projects.

Update # 4 – Palace of Three Crosses: As soon as Twelve
Pillars gets out the door sometime later this month it will be time to revisit
and finish Three Crosses. Once the story is finished then edits and rewrites
start. The plan is to get this to my critique group and then copy editor by the
end of the year.

Update # 5 – Palace of Twelve Pillars: My baby is almost
ready to meet the copy editor. She is expecting the finished ms by January 20.
She will do a two level edit for me, finding grammar and punctuation errors as
well as smoothing out the story for me. Her goal is to be finished by the end
of February and then I will start the submittal process soon after.

So now you have seen the updates and now for the additional

Goal # 1 – Blog work. More consistent posting with the addition
of a monthly newsletter to develop a readership and keep everyone posted as to
progress and new posts on the blog.

Goal # 2 – Make time for new stories when the characters
demand it. I never know when a story will strike so I may have to take time out
to write another story. (Like in Nov. 2011 for NanoWrimo)

So there you have it updates and goals along with an apology
for trying to fool you earlier. I hope you will stay with me for the next year
and hold me accountable for these goals. A little friendly prodding never hurt

Happy New Year and may all your hopes and goals be fulfilled
in the upcoming year.

Happy Writing and God Bless,