Thursday, February 18, 2010

Time for me to introduce myself

Well I guess it's time to say Hi. My name is Myrria the Dragon. I am queen of the current dragon realm although my time is almost at an end. I am also a messenger for God. When God has a job that needs done He asks me to help him, especially if it involves children. They are the easiest to work with because they still believe. Their faith is pure and untarnished by the wordly views of adults.

They can really be fun to work with, but they can also be difficult, because I forget that they haven't had some of the life experiences that I have.

Most recently I worked with a girl named Darby. I'll tell you more about her later, but we had some exciting adventures in the wonderful state of Washington as well as Tokyo Japan. We brought a boy named Rocky to God. That was the best part of the story. That's enough for now. I'll tell you more later.

I'll leave you with this thought: God loves you.


P.S. That is a really bad picture of me. I hope to get some better ones in the future.

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