Monday, March 15, 2010

Myrria takes a turn

Hi. I haven't visited in a while, but I see my blog has been getting some attention. I'll have to talk to Chris about this and see what's up.

Chris has just about finished up Aaron's Revenge and is in the process of querying agents and publishers. I think that is rather exciting, because now maybe her and I can spend some time together on some of her other work.

Of course as you already know I am Myrria one of the main characters in Myrria's Legacy. I work with the Creator (you call Him God) to bring new souls to the faith as well as fighting a little evil along the way. In doing His work I have travelled many places and seen many things.

In Myrria's Legacy I am living in Mt. Rainier, a volcano in the state of Washington in the USA. As is discovered in the book I have lived there for many years and find it a totally fascinating place. The combination of glaciers and volcanos is great for my complexion, although I don't focus on my looks a lot. Other dragons live there including some of my many offspring, like Fred and his wife and offspring. I live there with my longtime mate Alorn. He is a wonderful mate and provides the balance I need when dealing with young people like Darby and her friends, Bobby and Melanie. Did I forget to mention in the book I have a clutch of eggs and one of them hatches. It is my son Roethlys and he will prove to be very helpful in our adventures.

Anyways back to my home. Most dragons live in the bowels of mountains where humans cannot go. In fact there is a Ring of Fire, consisting of 400 and some volcanos most of which are inhabited by dragons of one sort or another. Not all dragons need glaciers and fire like I do, so like people we are varied, have different lifestyles, look different and behave differently.

Also like people we have some dragons who are bad and who turn to the devil instead of God. Part of Myrria's Legacy is about a dragon who did just that. His name is Bjorn and he is mated to my daughter, Alyrria. He has created a fine pickle for us to untangle, which will take us on a journey to Japan and two more volcanoes in the Ring of Fire, Mt. Unzen and Mt. Fuji.

I'll tell you some more later, just thought I'd pop in and make sure you hadn't forgotten me with all the other stuff on this blog.

Talk to you soon and remember with God nothing shall be impossible.

Love Myrria

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