Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A review: What's In the Bible


Hey Myrria here. I'm not one to do much advertising, but Chris came across something that is really worthwhile. I think it is something you all should take a look at so I have copied her post from Angels Muse here so you can all see it. Take a look.
It is a review of  Phil Vischer's What's In the Bible. It is a really exciting DVD series that can get kids involved with the Bible.

REALLY!!! Look at it.

Review: What's in the Bible: by Phil Vischer

Phil Vischer presents What's in the Bible

Phil Vischer has done it again with his creation of What's in the Bible. With a cast of diverse characters, including a pirate, scientist and Sunday School teacher, along with ever knowledgeable Buck Denver, newsman and many others they take you on a journey through the Bible. The adventure begins information about what exactly the Bible is along with who wrote it and who decided what books should be in it and why and then the group begins exploration of each of the individual books starting in the beginning with Genesis.

For an adult watching this on my own, the DVD seemed a little corny and childish. My eight year old daughter saw me watching the video and decided to watch it with me. With her watching the video seemed to take on a new life. Watching it with a child opened my jaded eyes to the innocent understanding of a child. She loved the video and could relate to the characters and information presented.

When you watch the video with a child and I strongly recommend it, you will see the Bible in a whole new light and maybe even learn something. These videos are thouroughly enjoyable and a good learning tool. I give this video a five star rating and recommend it be used to initiate study of the Bible with children and adults alike.

My eight year old also recommends this for children. She enjoyed the characters and could relate to them as well as the message. It was easily understandable and she wants me to buy the rest of the series.

The 30th (thirtieth) follower to my blog will recieve a certificate for a free copy of In the Beginning the first DVD in the series.

The 50th (fiftieth) follower will recieve a certificate for a free copy of Let My People Go the second DVD in the series.

www.whatsinthebible.com and www.tyndale.com


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