Friday, May 7, 2010

Page a Day Writing challenge

Hi all,
I know it seems like I am a bit late, but I actually was early. In truth I didn't write yesterday, not that I forgot but life kind of got in the way. The reason I said I was early is that I participate in a writing group (kind of a carry over from NANO) and we met on Monday were our illustrious leader challenged us to write 1000 words in 30 minutes. Well I didn't make the 1000 words but I did get 808 words, so I figured I would take that story and run with it for this challenge.

This one temporarily entitled Ellie's Origami is the third in the series that I started in NANO 09 (which I did get 50000 words and have been working to cut it to 35000 ever since). You may be asking why the third, why not the second. The answer is easy some of the words I cut out of the Myrria's Legacy (title for NANO 09) were the beginning of the second, so it is already started. I had several things to include in the writing for Monday and already had the seeds for a new novel, since I was getting tired of only working on rewrites, revisions and edits. Any way I hadn't done anything with the seeds so this presented a perfect opportunity to start something new. So I did.

The story is about a teenage girl named Ellie and while at summer camp she meets a boy, encounters a haunted cabin and a fairy ring along with a ghost whispering bus driver. After taking an origami class and reading some books on voodoo, she makes an origami dragon whom she intends to torture, because she blames him for her mother's death. (her mother is the 9 year old mc in Myrria's Legacy). When Ellie and her boyfriend try to initiate the voodoo in the fairy ring, they end  up actually calling the dragon and the boyfriend disappears. That's where the 808 words ends. Who knows where my characters will take me tomorrow when I go to my writers group and write again. (or later today, depending on how the day unfolds).

So that's my story and I'm sticking too it. Good luck to all the writers and I can't wait to see what progress we all make.


  1. The writing sounds great and I would definitely read something like that!

  2. I like it! Excellent start for sure! very excited to see where this will go!

  3. Your story sounds really interesting. I like how it starts so suddenly within the 808 words. Editing really does get boring and I can imagine people getting sick of their own story. I like how your writing group tries to get everything down on paper as quickly as possible without thinking. That's something difficult, I find, to accomplish on my own.