Monday, May 10, 2010

Word count update

Okay I didn't write yesterday because of Mothers Day and I didn't write today because of getting my computer back where I wanted it to be. However I did write on Saturday and worked on Ellie's Origami.

Word count before Saturday 808
Current word count 2202

So the ghost whispering bus driver shows up after the boyfriend disappears and the dragon appears. He tries to capture the dragon but the dragon disappears. Ellie and the bus driver Eddie go to the house of an old camp counselor who is into voodoo. I left them entering her very spooky house to see how they bring the boyfriend back.

I don't have to work at my daughter's school tomorrow so barring any unseen complications with my pc I should be able to do some more writing  along with getting my other wip ready for my critique group. I'll be back with a new word count tomorrow see you then.