Friday, May 7, 2010


I haven't posted much here since the end of April, but not because I had nothing going on in my life. On the contrary there have been quite a few things happening personally and professionally. For the sake of brevity I will just fill you in on the professional stuff.

First and biggest at least in my mind: I am in the process of working with Xlibris to self publish Aaron's Revenge. I have already edited the first galleys and am praying not to have to do any corrections on the second galleys. Xlibris is putting together and email campaign for me. I will update you as the publication date gets closer. I haven't given up on traditional publishing though and still plan to pursue agents and publishers until I find one that is interested in taking on Aaron's Revenge. Stay tuned for a synopsis of the story in future posts.

Second: About a month ago I sent a query to the Archdiocese of Chicago and their First Years and Forever online newsletter for marriages in their early years. After some email exchanges I finally got word from the editor that they are going to publish my article Who's in First in their July issue of the newsletter.

Other than those two things I have been doing a lot of editing and rewriting on my WIP's and actually made an initial start on a new middle grade or YA novel. I'm not sure we'll see where the characters take me.


  1. That's great! Remember though, some publishers won't touch Aaron's Revenge if you self-publish, so be prepared. However, if you have great success, others will!

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  3. I hope you pursue a publisher. Self-publishing seems like it cannot go a long way. I've seen people's books that are self-published and soft covers are about twenty dollars, which I find is not at all affordable, but I guess the publishing company is taking too much money. I read somewhere that Literary Market Place and Writer's Market are good books to look through. You should be able to find them in the libraries of large universities. Good luck.