Monday, May 17, 2010

Word Count Update

Hi All,

I finally got back to wip today, so I have new word counts.

Old word count 3949
Today's word count  5145

In the last update our mc is tied and staked to the ground. Her boyfriend is staked in a fire which doesn't seem to be burning him and he is either unconcious or asleep. There are four full sized demons cavorting around the captors, when the biggest notices our mc and picks her up pulling her stake out of the ground. He then walks through the fire and ties her to the stake that the sleeping boyfriend is tied too. She throws up all over her captors and they become upset. While the female is trying to calm down the male three dragons emerge from the trees, setting them on fire as they pass. The demons are at first excited to add the dragons to their play, but when the dragons don't want to play the demons run away and the dragons chase them.

Our mc wakes the boyfriend up and begins to realize how dumb he is because he can't think of a way to escape. After pulling a knife out of his boot and dropping it twice they are able to undo their ropes just as the dragons return to the circle. The mc runs while the boyfriend stays and talks to the dragons. While running she comes across a pirate walking through the woods and tries to ask him for directions to the nearest gas station.

Hmm what will happen next, where is she and how will she get out of this mess. Stay tuned for the next installment tomorrow or Wednesday.

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  1. wow.. sounds great! best of luck with your work :D