Monday, May 24, 2010

Word Count Update

Hi All,

Sorry I haven't been doing a good job on updating my wip, but life keeps on happening whether I want to write or not. Anyway I did some writing today and here are my new counts.

Old wc 5145
New wc 6155

If you remember our mc had just come across a pirate after escaping from the demons and dragons. She does a little more voodoo and spiders attack him and he runs away screaming she is a witch. Not knowing where else to go she follows him and finds a village. The people in the village are acting strangely, their clothes and speech are different from anything she has encountered. When the villagers see her, they accuse her of being a witch, because of what they percieve as her state of undress, then when she speaks they are even more convinced.
Ellie is thouroughly confused and while she dresses in a dress supplied by one of the villagers she realizes that she must have time travelled to colonial Pennsylvania. Before she can decide what to do a band of pirates attacks the village and takes everyone prisoner on their pirate ship. They put the men to work, put the women in the hold and lock Ellie in the captains quarters because they still think she is a witch.

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  1. Progress is progress--just keep writing! Life DOES get in the way sometimes... But all you can do is keep plugging along. And we'd love you to join us, either just cheering, or writing at your own pace, with the BuNoWriMo!