Friday, April 2, 2010


1. Do you sing out loud in the car when you're driving?

yes, when my husband isn't with me

2. What would you never be caught doing?
Singing when my husband is with me. He thinks I can't sing.

3. Will you go #2 in a public restroom?
If necessary

4. Have you ever broken a bone?
Yes a finger when my husband slammed the trunk of his car on my hand

5. Do you prefer cooking or baking?
Baking, I don't do enough of it.

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  1. Ouch on the fingers in the trunk! I hope your hubby babied you for a while after that!

  2. Love your blog!!! It's nice!!!

    Ouch on the finger!! Bet he felt terrible about it!!

    I love to bake but I'm like you! Just never do it enough!

  3. I love to sing loudly in the car...except when hubby is there...and I broke a bone in my foot, ouch...also love to bake...and I would never go #2 in a public restauroom ever, ever, ever...those are my answers to 5Q Friday on my blog! Have a great day!