Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Random Dozen

1. Have you ever been so lost that you were really afraid?

One time I was trying to get home from a baseball game in downtown Pittsburgh and had trouble finding my way home.

2. Have you ever been to an island?

yes Hilton Head and Kuaiai (not sure about the spelling, one of the smaller Hawaiian islands)

3. Are you more of a thinker or feeler?
mostly a feeler, although when I'm writing I have to be a thinker sometimes

4. Do you tend to see issues or situations in life as black and white or shades of gray?

shades of gray

5. If you were stuck on an island, what book would you hope to have with you (Let's pretend the Bible is already there, so you can't say that.)

hmm so many good books I can't seem to pick one

6. What are you most afraid of?
losing my family,

7. Would you rather lose all of your old memories or never be able to make new ones?
never be able to make new ones (I think)

8. Pretend I'm looking at a scrapbook page about you. There are three spaces for you to drop in individual pictures. What are those pictures of, and why did you select them?

my husband, my kids, my grandkids

9. If you were re-doing your wedding, what would you do differently? (If you're single, tell me one thing you would do if you were planning a wedding OR huge party.)

I can't think of too many things, maybe access to some of the wonderful technology available today that wasn't available 30+ years ago, like dvd's.

10. Tell me one thing you know/believe about forgiveness.

to recieve God's forgiveness we must be willing to forgive.

11. You're waiting in a doctor's office. What is your favorite way to pass that time?


12. If there were a clone of you in a parallel universe what is one way you hope she/he would be the same as you and one way you hope she/he would be better?

my love for doing God's work

she had more self confidence and better self esteem

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  1. These are great answers. It's so fun to see the different directions people take with the questions. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD