Saturday, April 17, 2010

O is for Overjoyed with a little sadness

Today I think I will  take a little different path today. After two years of trying it looks as if our house in PA will finally sell. It is with a little sadness that I write this. After raising my first three children in houses that were small, well large enough to raise our little family, I was pregnant with my fourth child and we bought a huge house in which we all would have fit very comfortably. The one catch is that of my three grown two of them were already out of the house. So we were moving into this four bedroom house with one teenage daughter and a new infant. We quickly managed to fill the house and fixed it up the way we liked. Then my husband got a new job and we had to move. That was two years ago and in that two years we tried to sell the house, but to no avail. Everything we had done to personalize the house has been undone along with many other repairs to make the house more appealing to buyers.
So anyway today we recieved the first offer on the house and are now playing the offer counter-offer game and we wait. Needless to say we are Overjoyed at the prospect, especially based on what we have endured the last two years. I also feel a little sad. My fourth child was brought home to this house and other than where we are now is the only one she has ever known. When my first granddaughter  was born this was the home she was brought to, since her mother still lived with us. It's also the only home she has ever had. There are a lot of good memories in that house and at one point so much of the work we had done was our signature. So today as I make this post it is Overjoyed with a little sadness as a new chapter in our lives begins. God is good.

O is for overjoyed with a little sadness


  1. It must be nice to have memories like that though. I was a military kid, and we moved often, so I never had a house that really felt like home.

  2. I hope your new house is filled with all the joy and laughter you so long for. I'm sure it'll feel like "Home" soon.

  3. God is good. Change is good. Out with theold and in the the new. Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous transition.

    Stephen Tremp

  4. It's amazing how some houses don't want to let you go and others don't really care.

    I didn't feel that house-connected when my husband and I retired and moved from Florida to Colorado. But back in another life, I sold my little house in Indiana and there was a day when I was down on the floor, scrubbing the corners, and I turned, looked around the empty room, and started to cry. Memories came rushing at me like a smothering cloud, and I thought, "What have I done?" It was too late to change my mind, so eventually I had to get on with it. Not one of my happier moments.