Tuesday, April 13, 2010

K is for Kids

I thought it was my turn to take over the ropes of this little blog challenge. I'm so lucky I get to work with Kids exclusively. They are so wonderful to work with. Their belief in God is so pure and untarnished. They believe, I don't know what else to say. Of course they question, but their questions are purely out of a desire to learn, where  adults may want to learn, but  also question because they doubt, because they fear, because they don't believe and don't want to believe. They like to think they have all the answers.

Maybe adults, me and Chris included, need to become more like kids and let God into our lives. Trust, love, believe, have the faith of children.

Thanks for letting me have my say. God Bless you,


K is for Kids


  1. Definitely. :) I was treated to few dozen questions on a 20-minute ride home today... all about Jesus and his life. Jars of Clay "Faith Like a Child" has been running through my head for a few hours now too.

  2. I love kids and their wide eye innocence! They tell it like it is~

  3. You are so right on this and it's what Jesus said. I think it's kind of nuts how so many adults will put faith blindly into the media, celebrities, politcians, and other sources with bad track records and doubt the things that have been foundations of society for thousands of years.

    I will be giving your blog a mention on my post for Thurs 4/15.

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