Saturday, April 24, 2010

U is for United in God's love

Hi Myrria here today.

I Thought talking a little about being United in God was a good u word for today. In my story Myrria's Legacy when Darby her friends and their parents work together with God a lot of good things happen. I don't want to tell you the ending because I want you to read it someday. However I will tell you that there is a bad dragon trying to take over the world and when he kidnaps Darby, the families, friends and dragons have to Unite with God to save her and the world. The humans learn that when they Unite with God and do His work they can accomplish a lot. (Some of the dragons learn the lesson too.) God will help you accomplish anything when you become United in His Love.

U is for United in God's Love


  1. Where two or more gather in His name...

  2. Really great United post~! Sounds intriguing...

  3. Sounds like an interesting book.


    awards for friendship!
    enjoy a nice weekend!